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Become a mesh!
September 09, 2023

Besides all its power to generate high quality mesh, Gmsh also can be used to generate high quality mesh of yours!

In the modern era of music streaming, it is rare to find people who listen to an entire artist’s album. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that when an artist (at least the majority) releases an album, they expect that listeners will listen to it fully, ideally from the first track to the last. While I may not always do this, mainly if I am not enjoying the album, I make an effort to listen to all the songs on an album at once. The list below highlights the albums I do like—albums where I like nearly all the songs. In other words, these are the albums I would likely consider purchasing on vinyl to my (dreamed) vinyl shelf. The list is not arranged in any specific order.

As rating and criticizing a movie is not an easy task for a non-film critic, this list is just a compilation of the movies that I consider the best. It is not arranged in any particular order.