Diego Magela

Diego Magela Lemos

PhD candidate at University of São Paulo. Interested in nonlinear aeroelasticity, nonlinear finite element method, unsteady aerodynamics, and computational fluid dynamics. Mathematics, Linux, LaTeX, and Chess enthusiast.

I have been a Linux user for almost 7 years. I was introduced to it by my undergraduate advisor, Daniel S. Souza, who suggested it to me after I encounter some problems while compiling Fortran codes in Windows. At that time, my knowledge of it was close to nonexistent. Everything I knew about it was related to its ‘difficulty’ of use. Quotation marks is just to highlighted this misconception.

I am a huge fan and enthusiastic of Linux. This is not exclusively due to the fact that it is free, ‘‘free speech, not free beer’’. Its strong terminal-based commands appear to be a great opportunity to perform repetitive tasks very easily with little knowledge of bash. As I am into academia, I will show useful command-line programs to facilitate academic-related tasks. Nonetheless, all code shown here can be easily used and/or adapted for other tasks.