PhD candidate at University of São Paulo. Interested in nonlinear aeroelasticity, nonlinear finite element method, unsteady aerodynamics, and computational fluid dynamics. Mathematics, Linux, LaTeX, and Chess enthusiast.

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated Ph.D. candidate currently studying at the University of São Paulo, fully immersed in the fascinating fields of nonlinear aeroelasticity, nonlinear finite element method, and unsteady aerodynamics. The intriguing interplay between aerodynamics and structural dynamics, particularly when nonlinear effects come into play, continues to fuel my curiosity and drive my research journey.

My primary focus lies in understanding the response of bistable composite plates subjected to unsteady aerodynamic loading. To perform my investigations, I employ a simulation programming stack consisting of C++ object-oriented codes, supplemented by open-source libraries such as PETSc, SuiteSparse, Eigen3, Lapack, OpenBlas, Numpy, Scipy, and Sympy.

I am a huge Linux enthusiast. For almost 7 years, Linux has powered my computational simulations and analyses. At the same time, I discover LaTeX, that is a tool that holds a special place in my heart, serving as my primary choice for typesetting and crafting professional-looking research papers, reports, and presentations. I do believe that LaTeX remains the undisputed typesetting tool for academia, and I take pride in producing polished and visually appealing scholarly documents.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I have a profound interest in mathematics, particularly in the fields of linear algebra and numerical methods. Chess has also become a cherished pastime, providing me with intellectual stimulation. Moreover, I find delight in classical literature, philosophy, and politics, while expressing my creativity through drawing during my spare time.